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Research Findings

Low-energy photon irradiation by light in the far-red to Near-InfraRed spectral range with low-energy lasers or LED arrays has been found to modulate various biological processes in cell culture and animal models. This phenomenon of photobiomodulation has been applied clinically in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and the acceleration of wound healing. The mechanism of photobiomodulation by red to near-IR light at the cellular level has been ascribed to the activation of mitochondrial respiratory chain components, resulting in initiation of a signaling cascade that promotes cellular proliferation and cytoprotection.” Light rays with specific wavelengths are used with a variety of light therapy treatment applications. The active componant in light therapy is the photon. These little packets of energy are carried by lightrays into our bodies and into cells. When sick or injured cells receive the energy transfer from photons, the photobiomodulation (PBM) cascade is activated. High doses of photons have shown marked pain reduction, while lower photon dose has a healing affect on cells/tissue. A series of light therapy reduces recovery time from acute or chronic conditions, up to 6X faster. Another benefit of PBM is an increased ph level, which is a benefit for healing.

Primary 1L-Ser Ko Laser

Hand-held infrared laser specially designed for phototherapy procedures by health care provider. The adjustable power of up to 1.2W and with an 810nm diode make the LaserPod a handy laser for treating conditions such as plantar fascitis, wound healing and neuropathies. Its safety and ease of use make it and excellent therapy complement.


  • Tissue biostimulation including bone, ligaments and nerve tissues
  • Hand-held, extremely easy to use and low maintenance
  • Adjustable power levels with a maximum power of 1.2W
  • Built-in safety skin contact sensors, comfortible application
  • Infrared diode with 810nm wavelength and hermetically enclosed aperature for sacety and hygenic factors

primary2120 LED Array Near Infrared (850nm)

Product Description

From space to you! Based on NASA research on healing with LED lights. Safe, effective, affordable LED light can speed healing, soothe sore muscles, ease chronic pain, relieve stiffness, and increase circulation. This non-drug alternative treatment will amaze you with rapid effects

Near Infrared (NIR) 850 nm light penetrates 2-3” to increase blood flow and release nitric oxide to soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. Lymphatic drainage is also increased, helping to clear metabolic waste from injured or inflamed sites.

Note: While NIR light does not harm tissue, it can heat it up, therefore it makes sense to avoid using it directly on the thyroid or eyes for longer than a minute or so.

Elixa’s LED arrays put out approximately 1 joule per minute per cm2, more light per dollar than any other arrays we know of. Our LEDs have a rating of 4000 mcd at 6.4mw. This compares favorably with so-called Cold Lasers and Low-level Lasers. They do not pulse because that would add significant cost to the product, and we have seen no solid, double-blinded research that indicates a difference in healing effects between pulsed and constant light.

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